4th Grader Invents Device So Parents Won’t Forget Their Baby In The Car – Video

Too many parents are forgetting their babies in hot cars. A 9-year-old is thinking big to solve that problem. Fourth-grader Sophie Rapson took a school project that asked her to invent something to an entirely new level.

Because her project may just save lives. Sophie actually invented a device to help keep babies from passing in hot cars. After brainstorming with her mom Jenny about our society’s biggest problems.

They decided that parents forgetting their babies in cars was a major issue, according to Pop Sugar.

Sophie’s device, the Baby Forget-Me-Not, consists of a cord that can stretch up to 12 feet and has a Velcro loop on each end. It cost her $12 to make. One end is meant to attach to a baby’s car seat strap, while the other attaches to a parent’s keys, purse, or briefcase, so they cannot forget their child in the car.

“Sophie’s not selling her invention, but she doesn’t mind if you copy her design — she wants parents everywhere to make these simple devices and use them every day to ensure no one ever suddenly leaves their babies in the car again,” Rapson wrote in a post on her blog, “For Every Mom.” While I think Sophie is awesome for inventing something that is tied to a current problem, I can’t help but point out that the Baby Forget-Me-Not also creates a new one: it’s a potential blockhade hazard for babies.

What’s to stop them from playing around with it while mom or dad is driving, and wrapping it around their necks? But Sophie’s heart is in the right place, and if nothing else, she definitely calls attention to a very, very important issue.

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