You’re A Genius If You Can See Your Name In This Puzzle And This One Has The Internet Stumped – Video

Perhaps you’re someone who loves showing off your cerebral chops at parties, in college, at the office, or even at the bar. If you’re looking for a new way to exemplify your intellectual prowess, then this is the challenge for you.

The latest puzzle sweeping the internet like a dark secret is a word search designed by Try Life, which claims that “if you can find your name in this puzzle then you’re one of the smartest people in the world!” A bold claim indeed. Word puzzles have titillated audiences for centuries and this latest offering is no different. If your interest is piqued, then look no further.

Here’s your chance to prove you really are a genius.

It’s a classic word search; we’re all familiar with the setup. The recognizable grid contains 143 letters, and all you’ve got to do is find your name. Surely that can’t be too difficult The self proclaimed “Try Life Experts” say that only the top 8 percent of people will solve the puzzle, so if you’re one of them, that makes you amongst the smartest brains on the planet. Socrates, Beethoven, Einstein, stand back! There’s a new test in town and a new generation of geniuses is taking over.

When you crack it (and we have faith that you will), share this link with your friends. We all want to prove we associate with the smartest of the smart now, don’t we If you’ve already scrolled further down to read the answer, then shame on you! Although, maybe that’s just another way to work smart, not hard, and prove that you’re a genius.

The internet has been flooded with cries from “geniuses” the world over: “I get it! It’s not our name, it’s YOUR NAME,” wrote one challenge conqueror.

Players didn’t hold back in the comments section of Try Life’s social media feed either, with one writing: “Judging one’s intelligence on success at an impossible problem is stupid this is not a valid intelligence test anyway! However, the hollers of protest didn’t put some people off.

Taking the challenge at face value, some players even took the time to try and spot as many names as possible in the grid.

Well, some people just really love a challenge.Did you get it right? Without looking Tell the truth now.

We can’t help but wonder what Einstein would make of all this. There’s a certain elegance to a problem that takes abstract thinking to solve, and genius takes many forms, so who’s to say the test isn’t worth its weight in gold It takes all sorts, so whether you’re a scroller, a solver, or a perpetual head scratcher, this tricky test has something for everyone. Share with your family and friends, and find out; do you associate with geniuses.

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