Sports Illustrated Honors Kobe Bryant With 100-Page Special Tribute Edition – Video

We are all well aware of the tragedy that hit the world of sports when the tragic helicopter crash took place. The world lost one of the best basketball players and his daughter in the ill fated crash.

Today the world still sad on the loss of the basketball player Kobe Bryant and his daughter. There have been many prayer meetings and rich tributes have been given to the left out player across the world. There have been a number of events that have been organized throughout the world in the honor of the player.

Many of the media and the magazines have devoted a lot of pages for a write ups in honor of the player. Here we are talking of one such effort by a leading magazine to honor the player.

Yes the sports Illustrated magazine has expressed its willingness to release on its behalf a 100 page of special tribute that will be issued in honor of the legendary basketball legend Kobe Bryant.

The decision by the management was taken at their office just about one week after his tragic loss from the fearful helicopter crash that finished his daughter also.

The 100 page editorial will consist of many photographs of Kobe in action and also will have many write ups on the gone far basketball player.

The tribute will also contain a rich tribute on the short life of the basketball player and will also have a tribute to the daughter of the player.

We all join in the deploring of the leaving far of the player and pray to God to give solace and peace to the departed soul.

We stand with the deploring family and pray that they get the strength to bear this loss and support them in this tragic moment of unhappiness.


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