Adopter Fails To Show Up For Dog, When Foster Mom Realizes She’s The One Taking Her Home – Video

This is one of the loveliest and most tear-jerking moments I’ve ever seen. Nicki Clawson had been caring with homeless dogs as a foster mom for more than a year when she and her family received cookie to foster in their house.

The sweet and gentle boxer immediately fell in love with Nicki and her colleagues.

The staff at NorthWest Boxer Rescue realized that Cookie would have a great forever-after in Nicki’s house, so they came up with a secret plan instead of asking Nicki how they were.

Cookie’s unexpected adoption was in progress, with the aid of Nikki’s boyfriend, Tim, and the Area Manager, Jessica.

They prepared a strategy that was in the making for almost a week— and so worth it at the end! Nicki was informed he had a meeting-and-greet with a possible adopter for Cookie. At the time allocated, she took Cookie to the site but was frustrated when the prospective adopter did not show up.

Yet Nicki was about to get a lifetime’s surprise… and the video below reveals moment for Nicki.

He claims he was dreading the moment after Cookie was instructed to communicate with her potential adopters.

NorthWest Boxer Rescue sent us this emotional update: We are pleased to say that Nicki and a significant part of their family still love Cookie three years later.

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