Single Father And Baby Daughter Wore Matching Tutus For Heart-Melting Photoshoot

A man from Texas took part in a photoshoot with his one year old daughter. And to our surprise he was wearing a pink tutu, in spite of describing himself as a manly man.

Since then the heart warming pictures have gone viral and are being liked by thousands of viewers the world over. Casey says that it’s ok for a manly man to wear a tutu with his daughter and be able to present himself for the photoshoot.

Both the father and the daughter are wearing matching tutus.

In one of the photos the manly man is helping his daughter to tie the tutu around her small waist. That was so cute. Both the daughter and the father are in a playful mood for the cameras.

These adorable photos were brought to us by the photographer, Jenn Floyd. The post has now 20,000 likes and 53,000 shares.

He wrote in the post that it was the cutest session ever and that he can’t get over how perfect it lasted and turned out to be.

Cassey had shown his most manly side—the side that is not afraid of doing anything that it takes to make memories with his daughter.

And he added that imagine 20 years from now when both the father and his cute daughter will cherish this moment in their life. We wish them both a life full of togetherness and may they be blessed with thousands of such cute memories in their life.


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