Teenage Brothers Spend 8 Years Recreating The Entirety of ‘Toy Story 3’ In Stop-Motion With Real Toys – Video

Toy Story is probably one of the most beloved franchises for children in memory. It spans multiple decades and has encouraged thousands of kids to pursue a career in animation. That is definitely the case for Morgan and Mason McGrew, two Des Moines friends, Iowa, who fell in love with the movie when it premiered just under ten years ago.

It influenced them so much that the couple set out on an eight-year adventure to reconstruct Toy Story 3 in its entirety utilizing live toys and stop-motion animation methods when Morgan was just 15 years old, and Mason was 12.

The pair, now 23 and 21, released the final edition of their formation just a couple of weeks ago. It became our favorite film as soon as we saw Toy Story 3, and will be for ever, Mason McGrew told BuzzFeed.

We’d always been[ such] big Disney fans and the Toy Story series that we ultimately decided we wanted to pay tribute to the company and film we enjoy so much. 

The hardest thing about this movie was to be focused overall, Mason said. It was very necessary for us to finish what we started as youngsters..

Unsurprisingly, since the brothers began their massive project a lot has changed. Morgan, now 23, has just graduated with a degree in digital media / industry from Buena Vista University. Mason, 21, is about to achieve the same degree as his uncle, at the same age. We all plan to try an illustrated stop-motion future.

One user wrote: I can’t imagine wasting eight years on anything. I’ve done something different every year. You two spent eight years watching it, so I enjoyed watching it. I’m sad your dog Buster lost. I’m glad you’ve been able to use it in the film.


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