This Clever Cat Uses Sign Language Trying To Ask For Food From Deaf Owner – Video

There is a lot of connection between a man and the animal world. We have read and heard about thousands of stories and even there are a number of movies that have been made on this theme between man and animal.

We feel great when we see or feel that an animal has responded to our signals or the animal does what he is asked to do.

If you have ever been to a circus, there you will find even the wildest and the most ferocious of animals doing the jobs that are being ordered by a single man.

The link between an animal and a human goes to the ancient times even to the stone age and the cavemen.

Today we are going to discuss one such relationship between a man and his pet cat that came to our notice. The man is a deaf person so he cannot hear. So the cat has been trained to explain all her demands just by mere sign language. The cat is so expert that it asks its food by signaling towards its mouth and tummy.

It can also signal when it wants to go out of the house for urinating or passing her stool. The cat can signal her happiness or when she is annoyed or angry at something. The cat also can beg or order anything that it needs to be done. She also expresses her likes and dislikes to her deaf owner by just a simple sign language.

So to show her cleverness the cat instead of meowing, she started to learn how to communicate to him to get some food. The cat has learned how to raise one of her front legs in the air to get his attention. And as already explained the cat has self invented the ways to put forward her different requests.

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