Derrick Rose Says He Suffered From PTSD While Growing Up In Chicago, Admits That He Hates Fame – Video

Derrick Rose was in Chicago for the forthcoming All-Star Weekend on Thursday, and during a panel discussion in Dorin Forum, held at the University of Illinois in Chicago, he reflected on his mental health status when he grew up.

Rose grew up in Englewood’s South Side neighbourhood in Chicago and he said some of the things he’d witnessed as a kid gave him mental trauma. Derrick Rose spoke of getting PTSD in Chicago when he was a teen.

He clarified that when I was younger, we used to have a lot of things happening in my house and on my street to where I actually developed stress disorder.

I’m going to be doing something downstairs in the basement and I’m going to hear someone playing upstairs and I’m going to run up there thinking someone’s bursting into our house.

This girl, she used to everyone in the area, like she’d beat someone up and I’d hope they’d come back for revenge, Rose said. Yeah, I’m scared of any small vibrations or noises in the house, or at night I’d hear something and be frightened because I figured these people were coming back.

During the panel discussion later, Rose suggested that being an NBA player is not cracked up to what he imagined it was going to be, and that he is envious of those who can lead a quieter life. He said, I hate living inside limits.

It ends me when I go on vacation and I know as a dentist or someone with a regular job, people are chilling out there.  They can live the life just to walk around freely, and I’m jealous of that, because I want that deep down, but I can’t have it. So be mindful what you’re hoping for, because you’re never going to know how it will work out, Rose said.


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