Woman Hacks Her Fridge To Dispense Wine And Becomes Internet Role Model

There are few better things to do than put your feet up and drink on a nice glass of wine. The only way the service might be improved is if wine was somehow rendered more easy to dispense.Well, it’s your lucky day, because a woman posted to Twitter a wine hack that just gets it done.

You need to test her famous tweet. Little did she know that posting two simple pictures would forever revolutionize fridge technology, while also making it a role model for the Internet.

This is Clare, an English born 28 year old working in digital marketing.

She told a local news that she had recently taken a big adult decision with her husband Joe, and bought a house together.We have ordered a new fridge and Clare had a pretty brilliant idea when they were checking it out.

We bought the fridge and Joe said it came with a part of the wine cooler and I said,  Or we could place it in the water dispenser.  She said it seemed to make perfect sense.

Meet Clare, a Manchester lifestyle blogger who might also be the smartest person alive.

She said the hack performed perfectly. We finished off the container and cleaned it out so it’s back to water now. But, she added, not sure if it would work if you quit for a while.It also had no effect on the taste of the wine or the water that they put in afterwards, she added. Clare and Joe were quite proud of their hack so on Twitter she shared it. It has been retweeted more than 35,000 times since.

“My adult life just peaked,” wrote Clare.

First, empty out the fridge door compartment that usual holds that boring water.

Boom. Clare was dispensing wine from her home fridge in no time.

With the social media users going crazy with their hack one of them wrote that she should be awarded with the times award for this experiment. Many others posted all sort of positive comments and loved the pictures of the hack.


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