Boosie Unleashes His Opinion On Dwyane Wade’s Daughter Zaya – “You Going Too Far, Don’t Cut His D off” – Video

Social media is on anger after Boosie has shared his feelings about Zaya, the 12 year old transgender daughter of Dwyane Wade. If you know anything about Boosie, then you should already know that his comments were far from publically correct, since he spoke openly about being against gender reassignment as such a young age.

Following the comments made by Dwyane Wade in a recent interview on “Good Morning America,” where he continued to discuss his newly transgendered daughter.

Zaya  Boosie posted a video to Instagram that gave his own thoughts. Thanks to Boosie’s controversial comments on D, social media exploded as soon as the video was posted.

And Wade and Zaya.

The thing that we are not able to understand is that it is the choice of the family and they have accepted it gracefully then who the underworld gives right to other to jump into their personal matter.

Boosie had to say this in the video, as he addressed Dwyane directly: I have to say something about it, bro.

Dwyane Wade, you went fast, dawg.That is a boyfriend. 12 year old.

Around 12, they don’t even know what they’re going to be next meal. They haven’t figured it out yet. He might come across a lady, something, at 16 and fall in love with her.

He continued, adding all sort of foul language bruh. Yeah, bruh, if he’s gay, let him be gay, for good.

But just don’t be inhuman Don’t and dress him up like a slut, dawg. He’s 12 years old. There he is still not up where. He has still not made his final statements.

Boosie’s comments, as expected, have divided many on social media and have further extended the discussion of gender identity and transition as it relates to children. As of now, neither Dwyane nor his wife Gabrielle Union has responded publicly to comments from Boosie.

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