Women Hear Crying Sounds From Bush, Find Newborn Twins With Umbilical Cords Still Attached

Officers took the tiny babies to hospital after they were found with their umbilical cords still attached in Curitiba, in the southern Brazilian state of Parana. Medics found the babies had been born at full term but were evidently rejected shortly after birth by their mother.

One weighed in at 6lb while the second girl was just 3.7lb.

Tamela Ribeiro, one of the women who found them, said: “I thought they were a dog and when I looked at them I realised they were two babies.”

Officer spokesman Guilherme Zasevski Almeida said officers believe the babies were rejected in an area by someone in a white van, who then sped off.

The twins currently remain in hospital and, once they started gaining weight, will be moved to a care facility so they can be put up for adoption.

Hospital staff have named the twins Eloa, which means “God”, and Heloisa, which means “warrior woman”.

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