8-Year-Old Boy Raises Over $50,000 For Homeless Veterans – Let’s Hear It For This Little Champ – Video

Tyler Stallings, only 8, has written a book, won a charitable grant, and earned thousands of dollars to support homeless veterans. After seeing photos of homeless veterans on YouTube at only 4 years old, the’ Kidpreneur’ decided he wanted to do something to help the homeless.

Many people can’t commit to planning a campaign to support anyone let alone a 4-year-old but this Maryland kid earned $5,000 at such a young age. He came up with the idea of making Hero Bags together with his mom Andrea, a bag packed with essential items such as cosmetics and grooming equipment and was able to purchase 2,000 of these packages to give out.

Upon telling his mom why so many soldiers were struggling to live on the streets, his initial goal was far more optimistic. I initially wanted to help build homes for veterans after talking to my mom but together we agreed on a more realistic goal, he said on his GoFundMe page that has collected more than $47,000 to help the homeless.

Tyler’s charitable service has won him a “Small Big takes” Humanitarian Award from Steve Harvey, the founder of the NBC television show. On World Homeless Day, Tyler collaborated with a mattress firm to provide 250 mattresses for veterans in a homeless shelter. Being the veterans’ son, grandson and nephew who supported those veterans forced to stay on the street is a cause dear to his heart.

His mum told Good Morning America, He (Tyler) questioned me,’ Why should they be on the ground if they’re heroes He has co-authored a novel with his mother called’ Tyler Goes Around the World,’ where a portion of the proceeds from purchases go directly to his charitable business Kid Time Enterprises, LLC, of which he is the CEO.

Tyler says in more ways than one the Hero Bags are important. Helping these people is very necessary, not just to make them happy[ but] to make them feel like,’ People care for me,” said Tyler, according to The Epoch Times. He’s even become the official “superhero” for Veterans Education and Training (MCVET) who helps veterans get back on their feet and often dons a red cape to carry his Hero Bags.

According to the Epoch Times, “Good Morning America” contributed $25,000 to Tyler and his family, in accordance with Pepsi’s Pay It Forward initiative, which they expect will be used for shelters.

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