Model With Down Syndrome Becomes The Face of ‘Surf Style’ Stores – Video

We do come across people in our life who provide a kind of inspiration to us that in spite of many setbacks the inevitable can be achieved if there is determination and the will to do so.

There are plenty of examples where a person has achieved something that others thought it impossible for him to achieve. It is all in the mind set.

But if you are bent upon doing something then there is no set back that can keep you away from achieving your goal and that is ultimate.

In our today’s story we will talk about a similar case where the person has achieved what he wanted to, in spite of the physical and mental barriers.

Yes, we are talking about a boy with Down Syndrome. He was very disturbed due to his physical appearance and was a very gloomy child and also a very depressed one. But he never gave up his dream that was to become a model one day.

So he started working on it and started wearing smart cloths and also started taking care of his appearance in spite of his set back.

He found out that apart from his set back, he was a smart handsome looking hunk. And finally one day the owner of a sports store set his eyes on the boy. He at once could make out that the boy can become the face of his store that was by the name of ‘Surf Style’.

So as you all can imagine our boy with Down Syndrome was a model whose face was projected as the face of the Surf Style stores. He is a very proud boy and has done proud to his family. This is the story of a boy who was suffering with Down Syndrome and then turned out to be a model for a distinguished store.


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