God Don’t Like Ugly: Boosie Hand cuffed And In Custody of South Carolina P-olice – Video

Rapper Boosie Badazz was took into custody and searched by cops, right before he was scheduled to perform in Spartanburg, SC MTO News has learned. According to multiple social media reports, Officer ran down on the rapper – and put him in handcuffs while they searched his tour bus.

The officers must not have found anything because after taking Boosie into custody, the rapper was quickly released.

And the Louisiana artist actually made it to the concert to perform for his fans. It’s not clear what Boosie was initially took into custody over. Boosie, real name Torrence Hatch Jr., is a popular rapper, singer, songwriter, actor, record producer and executive.

The rapper has also making what many regard as transphobic comments in a video in response to Dwyane Wade’s announcement that his youngest would be transitioning from “Zion” to “Zaya.”

Boosie begged D Wade not to let the child fully transition. Boosie received heavy backlash on social media for his comments and was even asked to leave a Planet Fitness gym in Georgia as the video he posted was recorded at the venue.

In response, Boosie claimed the manager of the location was bad and was holding a grudge because of his comments about Zaya Wade.

A spokesman for Planet Fitness stated that Boosie failed to comply with the gym’s policies.

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