Ten Reasons: Strong Women Handle Relationships Differently

A strong woman knows that taking care of herself is a must. She’s learned what independence really means. She’s never known what it is like to need someone, as she had to fend for herself at a young age.

She’s had several crappy hands dealt to her in life. However, she has risen above like the champion she’s at heart, without letting any misfortune or misstep hold her down. She is beautiful, resilient, brave, and fierce.

1 She does not tolerate bad behavior and constant complaining

She is only attracted to an uplifting, positive person, as she does not want anyone that’ll drag her back into the dirt. A strong woman runs from darkness whenever she can. She’ll always tackle problems with her partner, but she’ll not tolerate bad behavior and constant complaining.

2 She sees a relationship as an equal partnership

She does not look for a partner to get anything out of them; she seeks someone to add value to her life. She only wants someone that’ll lift her up, not drag her down. Also, a strong woman wants to add meaning to her partner’s life, as well as identify the importance of both take and give in a relationship.

3 She is not afraid of conflict

She is not afraid of conflict. She will not cower in a corner. In other words, in case something is going on between them, a strong woman will not hesitate to talk about it. This means that the problem will be resolved fast.

4 She does not look for someone to save her

A strong, independent woman learned as a child that nobody would come to save her – she had to save herself. She never relied on anyone for anything. Therefore, she does not have to look for anyone to save her. In a relationship, she does not see her partner as a way to cure herself of loneliness or become more emotionally or financially stable. She does not have any ulterior motive for being with him, so he shouldn’t worry about it. There is also more security in a relationship with her, since her partner does not have to walk on eggshells around her to make her happy.

5 She does not look for something casual

A strong woman does not want anyone to keep her warm in the winter. She wants someone that’ll withstand the seasons. She seeks out a serious relationship, as she does not look for anyone to love; but she looks for a partner to complement her.

6 She knows what she wants

A strong woman knows what she wants. Additionally, she dives right in and knows her target long before she has hit the water. This means that she has probably been hurt before and knows what to look for in a man. She has had experience with the kinds of people she does not want. That’s why she knows exactly what she wants. She does not waste her energy and time in any relationship.

7 She views a relationship as a team

A strong woman can’t have anyone slowing her down in life, so she chooses someone that she can see building a stable life with in the future. She does not want to find someone to feel better about herself. She does not want anybody to control or anybody to control her. She does want someone that’ll grow with her as well as whose future will be intertwined with hers. A strong woman does want someone that has her back and who she can protect, too.

8 She knows how to handle her emotions

She does not need anyone to coddle her in life; she is able to sort through her own feelings. If a disagreement occurs, it is much easier to talk to her due to her emotional maturity. This means that in a relationship with a strong woman, everything is dealt with in an adult manner, with grace and respect. She always listens to the point of view of her partner without interrupting.

9 She does not get jealous easily

Trust is a big deal for her, as she does not just hand it out. Her partner has to earn it over a period of time, and then, she may still need more time. In case a man has her trust, he should not do anything to lose it, since he will not get that privilege back. In case she trusts him, she does not worry about where he goes after work or the friends he hangs out with. A strong woman does not get jealous of those her partner spends time with, as she trusts him.

10 She has her own dreams and goals

She does not need anyone to give her life direction or bring home the bread. A strong woman knows exactly where she is going and nothing can stop her. She wants her partner to have his own life, as well.

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