Georgia 13-Year-Old Made Fun of Kids Who Shop At Goodwill Until His Mother Made Him Shop There Too – Video

A lady named Ciera Forney from Braselton, Georgia had once overheard her teenaged son making some funny comments on more than one occasion about kids who had to shop at Walmart and Goodwill stores.

It looked as though he had some entitled attitude towards the situation, acting as though he was too good to shop at the discount stores or at the thrift shops.

So she decided to make her son shop at those stores just to mend his attitude. She was not at all impressed by his behavior, and sghe knew that she had to mend the situation before he ended up teased these kids even more than he would have already have did.

She then came up with a plan that would allow her teenage son to walk in to the other kid’s shoes to get a taste of it as the other kids might do.

She took him to the local Goodwill store and began to record the trip on her camera. She took a video of her son shopping through the store and he was picking up cloths that he would eventually wear them to the school. She even wrote on the social media after she posted the video.

She wrote that so lately her teenage son had been acting a little, entitled, acting like he is good to shop at the Walmart store or making snarky comments about kids at school who shop at Goodwill stores and quite a few other things and she doesn’t tolerate that.

The video ended up getting viral as the people witnessed the humble scenario, knowing that the mom was doing her part in putting a stop to the teasing epidemic. This way the mother was success to some extent to change the attitude of her son and make him a more somber individual who could lead a responsible life with the other kids of the school.


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