Dog Won’t Stop Barking At Pregnant Mom Until She Realizes The Dog’s Trying To Save Her

Every good dog owner loves their dog, but even the best behaved dogs can be very annoying when they want to be – from barking when they want food to whining to go out for the tenth time in a row.

One dog named Keola managed to seriously annoy her family with her barking, but it turned out that she was trying to save her owner’s life. Alhanna Butler from the UK was pregnant, and when Keola kept barking at her, she decided to go to the doctor, and luckily was diagnosed just in time.

The dog is an American Akita named Keola that lives in Doncaster, England, according to The Mirror’s reporting in 2016 .

Keola has been with her owners, Ricky and Alhanna Butler, since she was just a puppy and she has bonded with them both.

Alhanna discovered that she was pregnant and was thrilled at the prospect of adding a new member to their family. But, for some reason, it seemed that Keola was growing visibly concerned. The large dog was constantly barking at her human mom’s expanding abdomen and torso.

Meanwhile, Alhanna started experiencing severe back pains with her pregnancy, The Mirror reported.

When she went to the doctor, he assured her that it would be fine and that it was only from the weight of the pregnancy and her small frame. While the doctor seemed confident that all was well, Keola was not!

The dog continued to bark at Alhanna’s torso, growing more desperate with time. Then she started staring into Alhanna’s eyes, seemingly pleading with her to do something and get help. The pregnant woman wanted to believe that everything was fine and that her dog was just being silly, but she admits that the unusual behavior scared her.

She took photos of the dog’s behavior and posted it on social media, trying to make light of a situation that was scaring her. Rather than laugh with her, Alhanna’s friends suggested that the dog might be onto something and could see – or smell – that something was wrong.

Finally, Alhanna listened to Keola’s warnings and went back to the doctor. This time, she demanded answers and forced them to do a scan. As it turned out, the condition was serious and Alhanna needed to be in intensive care, according to The Mirror.

The soon-to-be-mom had what the doctors would later describe as a “superbug.” It was an antibiotic-resistant illness. And as if that wasn’t enough she also had a serious kidney infection that was in both her kidneys. If she had not gone to the doctor, she would have faced trouble along with her baby, The Mirror reports.

Thanks to Keola, Alhanna received the treatment that she needed to heal her kidneys and recover from the super bug. Her next trip to the hospital was to deliver her beautiful son, Lincoln. The family is now complete and Keola loves taking care of the new baby. We’re sure that the family will be forever grateful for this special dog!

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