22 Reasons Why America Is Number One In The World When It Comes To COV-19

America has always been a country. I mean, the whole country is absolutely brimming with true patriots who are ready to step up and lead the way for the rest of the world.

Obviously, the case with COV-19 is no different. That’s why we’re number one! And you know why that is?

Because Americans always take the proper precautions:

And Americans know exactly how to social distance:

Americans know exactly how to wear a mask:

They’re very respectful of those around them:

Americans know how important staying home is:

They know the only way to truly be safe is to keep their distance:

Americans need to look no further than their government for guidance:

Americans have their priorities straight:

They know exactly what’s important during a time like this:

I mean, what’s more essential than a casino?

Everyone, and I mean EVERYONE, follows the rules here:

They know the founding fathers lost life for their right to get everyone sick inside a Walgreens:

They know their history:

Do Canada or Germany make their citizens wait in three-hour lines, Didn’t think so!

Americans know that the only way to beat COV-19 is to immediately pretend it doesn’t exist and go to a bar:

Or a restaurant:

Or a crowded theme park:

That’s why we’re number one! Because of people like this:

And this:

Because of stores like this:

And churches like this:

God bless the USA! WE’RE NUMBER ONE!

Note – As information about the coronavirus pandemic rapidly changes, We are committed to providing the most recent data in our coverage. Some of the information in this story may have changed after publication. For the latest on COVID-19, readers are encouraged to use online resources from CDC, WHO, and local public health departments.

This article was originally published on the buzzfeed.com on 30th June 2020


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