3 Moms Are Reminding Parents That ‘Fed Is Best’ & That’s Not Up For Debate

Some pictures are worth a thousand words, but for one local Henderson photographer, three words work for her: “Fed is Best.” Felicia Saunders take a picture of three Henderson moms feeding their babies earlier in August to represent the different ways moms can feed their infants.

Fox5vegas reports: “It doesn’t matter what we do or how we nourish our child. As long as we know we have a bond with them, they’ll love us. As long as we nourish them with love, we can all have an amazing bond with our children,” Saunders said.

Saunders faced her own feeding issues when she had her two kids, feeling pressured that she could not B-feed. “I think B-feeding is beautiful, it’s amazing. If you can do it that’s super awesome. But it doesn’t take away from anybody else and how they nourish their baby from being any less awesome,” Saunders said. The local photographer has been filming feeding sessions with moms and babies for years, she put a call out on social media to local friends to see if they wanted to be a part of her “fed is best” campaign.

“If you can B-feed that’s great, and if you can’t that’s great too. As long as your feeding your baby and taking care of them that bond will be there,” Henderson mom Courtney Espejo said. Mymodernmet told Espejo was B-feeding her baby in the viral photo.

She’s B-fed all of her four kids, but understands not everyone can.

Mykel Cooper is seen bottle feeding her baby in the photo. She said society needs to stop shaming moms for how they decide to feed their baby. “I feel like feeding is such an issue in society. There’s no right way it seems, somebody always has a problem. I was excited to be a part of this,” Cooper said. Saunder’s photo also shows Tiffiny Grace feeding her baby with a G-tube. He was born 15 weeks premature and seeing this kind of feeding is not typical.

“It was nice that people could recognize the difficulties that some parents have to go through to feed their babies. Maybe its not so easy to just pull out a bottle or be able to B-feed,” Grace said. “No matter B, bottle or tube fed, it’s just important that you have that bond with your baby.” Saunders has a passion for photography, especially newborns.

She hopes more moms see this and recognize that it’s okay whichever way they feed their baby.

This article was originally published on the fox5vegas.com, mymodernmet.com


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